Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Account Attributes

The default schema map assumes that the Employee business object and Employee business component are configured. You might have to add, remove, or change attributes to manage your Siebel environment– especially if you have configured the adapter to use a business object or business component other than the default.

Identity System User Attribute  

Resource User Attribute 



Login Name

User’s login name 


First Name

User’s first name 


Last Name

User’s last name 



Multi-value attribute that contains a list of responsibilities you want to assign to the employee. You must manage this attribute in the user form with a multi-select box. 

The Responsibility field is set as a multi-select box in the sample Siebel CRM User Form.



Multi-value attribute that contains a list of positions you want to assign to the employee. 

All assigned positions must exist in Siebel. 

To assign a Primary Position, add the Primary Position attribute to your schema map and set the attribute to the name of the position you want to make primary.