Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Resource Object Management

By default, the Siebel CRM adapter supports the following Siebel objects:

Resource Object  

Features Supported  

Attributes Managed  


  • Create

  • Update

  • Delete

  • Rename

  • Name

  • Division

  • Primary Employee

  • Description

If necessary, you can manually configure the adapter to support additional resource object types by editing the resource prototype XML as follows:

ProcedureEditing Resource Prototype XML

  1. Add a new <ObjectType> element to the XML, following the default Employee:Position object type example.

  2. Replace Employee with the name of the preferred Siebel business object.

  3. Replace Position with the name of the preferred Siebel business component.

  4. Verify that the embedded <ObjectAttributes> element has an idAttr attribute that names which <ObjectAttribute> will be used to uniquely identity each item in the business component.