Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference


As with all other Identity Manager objects, the AttrParse objects are serialized to XML for persistent storage. AttrParse objects can then be configured to support differences in customer environments. For example, the ACF2 mainframe security system is often customized to include additional fields and field lengths. Since AttrParse objects reside in the repository, they can be changed and configured to account for these differences without requiring that a custom adapter be written.

As with all Identity Manager configuration objects, objects that are to be changed should be copied, renamed, and then modified.

ProcedureEditing an AttrParse Object

  1. From the Debug page, select AttrParse from the drop-down menu adjacent to the List Objects button. Click List Objects.

  2. From the list of available objects, select the object you want to edit.

  3. Copy, edit, and rename the object in your XML editor-of-choice.

  4. From the Configure page, select Import Exchange File to import the new file into Identity Manager.

  5. In your resource, change the AttrParse resource attribute to the name of the new AttrParse string.

    For examples of AttrParse objects that ship with Identity Manager see the sample\attrparse.xml file. It lists the default AttrParse objects used by the screen scraping adapters.