Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

t Token

The t token is used to tokenize text. It is commonly used to recognize labels during screen scraping and provide knowledge of where on the screen you are parsing. The parse position will be advanced to the first character after the matched text. The parser always moves left to right within a line of text.





The number of characters to skip before searching for the text for the token. The offset can have the following values: 

  • 1 or higher moves the specified number of characters before trying to match the token’s text.

  • 0 searches for text at the current parse position. This is the default value.

  • -1 indicates the token’s text will be matched at the current parse position, but the parse position will not go past the string specified in the termToken attribute, if present.


A string that indicates parsing should stop for this token. The parse position will be the character after the termToken string. 

The termToken attribute can only be used if the offset attribute is negative one (-1). 


The text to match