Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

What are Actions?

Actions are scripts that run within the context of a managed resource, if native support exists for scripted actions. For example, on a system with a UNIX operating system, actions are sequences of UNIX shell commands. In Microsoft Windows environments, actions are DOS-style console commands that can execute within the CMD console. Actions reside within Identity Manager repository as objects. In mainframe environments, actions are Javascript scripts that are capable of sending and receiving keystrokes and commands to and from the mainframe. For Oracle ERP, the actions are Javascript or Beanshell scripts, which use a JDBC connection to manage additional custom fields in the Oracle database. See Chapter 25, Oracle ERP for more information about this adapter.

Use actions to perform work that is not performed directly against the resource account object but is instead performed before or after that resource account is created, updated, or deleted. Resource actions support copying files to a new user’s directory, updating the SUDOers file on UNIX for the user after they have been created, or other native activities. You could perform this type of work by using a custom resource adapter. However, it is simpler to deploy a resource adapter with actions than to deploy a custom resource adapter.

Three types of results messages are associated with actions: