Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Using Environment Variables

Environment variables are exported and available to actions. These comprise any one of the schema-mapped attributes that have values on the user (defined in the resource schema map in the Identity System Resource Attribute column), prefixed by WSUSER_. For instance, the preceding example uses the environment variable WSUSER_AccountId, formed by preceding the AccountId attribute defined in the Solaris resource schema map by WSUSER_. These variables should be identified as environment variables within the respective shell, so that in Solaris, the variable name is preceded by $ (dollar sign).

Because OS/400 does not have variable substitution in its command language, the resource adapter looks for variable names, and carries out the substitution before transmitting the command line to the resource. To make recognition of variables possible, you must add a $ before and after a variable. Specifically, to use WSUSER_AccountId in an OS/400 script, enter the following text in the command line: $accountId$. Note the exclusion of “WSUSER”.

Example usage:

<ResTypeAction restype="OS/400" timeout="6000">