Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Implementing Actions

After you have defined an action, follow these steps to implement it:

ProcedureHow to Implement Actions

  1. Define fields on the Identity Manager user form.

  2. Add entries to the schema map for the resources on which you want to invoke the action.

Step 1: Define Identity Manager User Form Fields

Create user form fields to assign an action that will run before or after a user operation:

In this example, the field defines an action named after-create that runs after a user create operation:

<Field name=’global.create after action’>

The field name is formatted as:

{create|update|delete} {before|after} action

For detailed information about working with forms in Identity Manager, refer to Deployment Reference.

Step 2: Add Schema Map Entries

Add an entry to the schema map for the resources on which you want the action to run. To do this:

ProcedureAdding an Entry to the Schema Map

  1. Click Resources on the Identity Manager menu bar, and then select a resource.

  2. On the Edit Resource page, click Edit Resource Schema.

  3. On the schema map, click Add Attribute to add a row to the schema map.

  4. In the Identity System User Attribute column, enter create after action.

  5. Enter IGNORE_ATTR in the Resource User Attribute column. The IGNORE_ATTR entry causes the attribute to be ignored during normal account attribute processing.

  6. Click Save.