Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Active Directory Recovery Collector Task

You can schedule and launch the Active Directory Recovery Collector task from the Task Schedule pages of the Identity Manager Administrator interface. This process uses the resource object interface to contact each domain controller’s rootDSE object. The task’s schedule determines the frequency at which the data is collected from the domain controllers.

This task collects and stores resource recovery information in a Configuration object named ADSyncRecovery_resourceName. The extension to this configuration object is a GenericObject that stores a list of HighestCommittedUSN and the timestamp (milliseconds) that was collected for each domain controller.

During each execution, the task prunes old values for HighestCommittedUSN from the recovery data. You can configure the length of time to store this data through the daysToKeepUSNS argument.





Specifies the Active Directory resource for which Identity Manager collects backup data. 


Lists the fully qualified domain controller hostnames that should be contacted for recovery data. This can and should include the original host, which permits Identity Manager to include the source resource host if Identity Manager must fail over to the resource. 

When synchronizing against a global catalog, back up hosts in this list will be assumed to be global catalogs. 


Specifies the number of days for which Identity Manager stores the data (default is 7 days).