Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Example of Synchronization Failure Workflow

You can configure the following example workflow as the On Synchronization Failure Process resource attribute of an Active Directory resource. The workflow looks for the error message. If it finds this message, the workflow launches a notification email to the administrator.

<TaskDefinition name=’Sample AD Sync On Error Workflow’
   syncControlAllowed=’true’ execMode=’sync’
      <WFProcess title=’Example AD Sync OnError Workflow’>
         <Variable name=’resultErrors’ input=’true’>
           <Comments>Errors returned from the resource.
        <Variable name=’resourceName’ input=’true’>
           <Comments>Name of the AD resource that returned the errors.
        <Variable name=’failureTimestamp’ input=’true’>
           <Comments>Failure timestamp, when it occurred.
        <Activity name=’start’>
           <Transition to=’checkErrors’/>
         <Activity name=’checkErrors’>
           <Variable name=’criticalError’>
            <Comments>Local variable to hold if we need to notify
        <Action name=’iterateMessage’>
           <dolist name=’msg’>
                   <set name=’criticalError’>
        <Transition to=’notify’>
         <Transition to=’end’/>
        <Activity name=’notify’>
           <Action application=’notify’>
             <Argument name=’template’    
             <Argument name=’resultErrors’ value=’$(resultErrors)’/>
         <Transition to=’end’/>
        <Activity name=’end’/>