Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

SSL Configuration with WRQ

The Attachmate 3270 Mainframe Adapter for Sun Emulator Class Library is compatible with the IBM Host on Demand API. Follow all installation instructions provided with the product. Then, perform the following steps in Identity Manager.

ProcedureConfiguring with WRQ

  1. If a resource attribute named Session Properties does not already exist for the resource, then use the [Please define the IDMIDE text entity] or debug pages to add the attribute to the resource object. Add the following definition in the <ResourceAttributes> section:

    <ResourceAttribute name=’Session Properties’ displayName=’Session Properties’ 
       description=’Session Properties’ multi=’true’>
  2. Go to the Resource Parameters page for the resource and add the following values to the Session Properties resource attribute:


Use of the Attachmate WRQ Libraries when SSH is in Use by other Resource Adapters

Within Identity Manager, SSH is handled by use of the JCraft classes, which are contained in jsch.jar. The Attachmate 3270 Mainframe Adapter for Sun includes a copy of the JCraft classes in RWebSDK.jar (Identity Manager does not actually use these classes for 3270 connection ). The two jars do not contain the same version of the JCraft classes, however, which may cause conflicts, depending on the order in which the jar files are loaded by the web container.

To avoid these conflicts, you should make a backup of RWebSDK.jar, and edit the RWebSDK.jar with an appropriate tool (such as WinZip), remove the com.jcraft classes, and save the file. This will eliminate the unwanted version of the JCraft classes, and SSH will function correctly.

RWebSDK.jar is not distributed with Identity Manager, and is only available as part of Attachmate 3270 Mainframe Adapter for Sun.