Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Chapter 55 Deprecated Resource Adapters

This chapter lists resource adapters that have been deprecated. Refer to a previous version of the Resources Reference for information about these deprecated adapters.

List of Deprecated Adapters

Table 55–1 Deprecated Resource Adapters




No replacement 


Use the Scripted Gateway adapter instead. 

Sample scripts are provided in $WSHOME/web/sample/ScriptedGateway/BlackberryV4SampleScriptedGatewayObjects.xml file. These scripts were originally tested against the utility provided for "User Administration for the Blackberry Enterprise Server, Version 4.x when deployed with Microsoft Exchange". The scripts are not officially supported.

Exchange 5.5 

Use the Windows Active Directory adapter instead. 


Use the NetWare NDS adapter instead. 

LDAP Listener Active Sync 

Use the LDAP adapter instead. 


No replacement. 

NDS Active Sync 

Use the NDS adapter instead. 


Use the Siebel CRM adapter instead. 

SQL Server 

Use the MS SQL Server adapter instead. 

Sun ONE Identity Server 

Use the Sun Java System Access Manager or Sun Java System Access Manager Realm adapter instead. 


Use the Sybase ASE adapter instead. 

Windows NT 

Use the Windows Active Directory adapter instead.