Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Account Attributes

The following table lists the Red Hat Linux and SuSE Linux user account attributes. Attributes are optional unless noted in the description. All attributes are Strings.

Resource User Attribute  

useradd Equivalent  




Required. The user’s login name. 


- c comment

The user’s full name. 


- d dir

The user’s home directory. Any value specified in this account attribute takes precedence over a value specified in the Home Base Directory resource attribute.


- e expiration date

Last date the account can be accessed.  


- g group

The user’s primary group. 


- f days

Number of days the account can be inactive before it is locked.  


- G group

A comma-separated list of the user’s secondary group or groups. 

To enable a role to provision this attribute, you must add ’csv=true’ to the RoleAttribute element in the Role object XML.



The user’s login shell. 

If you are provisioning to an NIS master, the value of the user shell will be checked on the NIS master only. Checks against other machines the user may log on to will not be performed. 


Obtained from the lastlog command. 

The date and time of the last login. This value is read-only. If you do not need to track this attribute, delete it from the schema map, as additional calls to the resource are required to retrieve the last login time. 


- u User ID

The user ID, in digit form.