Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

ProcedureInstalling the SiteMinder Resource Adapter

  1. Add the one of the following values in the Custom Resources section of the Configure Managed Resources page.

    • com.waveset.adapter.SiteminderAdminResourceAdapter

      • com.waveset.adapter.SiteminderLDAPResourceAdapter

      • com.waveset.adapter.SiteminderExampleTableResourceAdapter

  2. Copy the following JAR files to the $WSHOME/WEB-INF/lib directory.

    • smjavaagentapi.jar

      • smjavasdk2.jar

    Obtain the JAR files from the Web agent directory to ensure there is no version conflict. If you cannot locate these files in your Web agent directory, they are also located in the Netegrity\SiteMinder\SDK-2.2\java directory.

  3. If you plan to use the SiteMinder Admin resource adapter, you must set the LIBPATH (or LD_LIBPATH, or SHLIB_PATH, depending on the application server platform) in the application server startup script or environment before starting the application server.

    For example, on Solaris, the Web agent is installed in the following directory, which contains a file named


    For WebLogic, add these lines to start in /bea/wlserver_Version/config/mydomain:

    # In order to pickup the Siteminder libraries, the Netegrity
    # Web agent libs need to be added to LIBPATH,
    . /opt/netegrity/siteminder/webagent/

    These lines set up the appropriate variables for the Java Native Interface methods used by the SiteMinder Admin resource adapter.

    When you are finished, restart the Identity Manager application server.