Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Installing a .NET Connector Server

You install and run a .NET connector server when using a .NET connector from Identity Manager. A connector server manages one or more .NET bundles, and handles requests between Identity Manager and the .NET bundles. A .NET connector server is roughly analogous to the Identity Manager gateway. However, you can easily extend the .NET connector server (to add additional connectors), and it is coded in .NET.

The minimal requirements for a machine that will run a connector server include:

To install a connector server on a Windows host, refer to the connector server installation notes on You must record for later use the following information regarding your connector server installation:

See Registering a Connector Server to declare the newly installed connector server within Identity Manager.

ProcedureRegistering a Connector Server

You must declare within Identity Manager the connection information needed to communicate with each .NET connector server. If this connection information is not correctly declared, then Identity Manager will not have access to the .NET connectors deployed within the .NET connector server.

  1. Log on to the Identity Manager as an administrator who has the Resource Administrator capability.

  2. Select Configuration > Connector Servers.

  3. Click New in the Manage Connector Servers Definitions page.

  4. Complete the required fields in the New Connector Server. See the online help for information about each field.

  5. Click Save. Identity Manager will display “Available” in the Status column for the new Connector Server definition if Identity Manager can successfully communicate with the remote connector server.