Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Debugging and Troubleshooting

Identity Manager Tracing

Identity Manager provides the following types of tracing for connector performance:

Note –

Tracing of local Java connectors can be limited on a class level only. This differs from the method-level tracing supported for other classes. Identity Manager does not support the ability to manage tracing on remote connectors.

API-Layer Tracing

Use this level of tracing to determine whether the problem is within Identity Manager or the connector itself. This trace method works for both remote and local connectors. To enable connector API-level tracing, enable level 4 Identity Manager tracing for class org.identityconnectors.framework.impl.api.LoggingProxy. This type of tracing focuses on the arguments and return values of every connector API method call.

Java Connector-Specific Tracing

Use this level of tracing to troubleshoot problems within a connector. This trace method works only for local Java connectors. To implement, enable Identity Manager tracing for the connector Java classes (for example, org.identityconnectors.datebasetable.DatabaseTableConnector). It traces all log calls made by the connector code into the Identity Manager trace file.

Java Connector Framework Tracing

To implement, enable Identity Manager tracing for the connector Java classes (or example, org.identityconnectorsframework.*). This trace method works with all log calls made internally by the framework implementation classes.

.NET Tracing

.NET connectors call the standard .NET trace API. No centralized tracing control by Identity Manager. You cannot view .NET trace files from within Identity Manager. You must edit the local connector server configuration file to configure .NET tracing.

JMX Monitoring of Connectors

Connector-based resources support the same standard JMX monitoring as resource adapter-based resources:

You can enable the tracing of local Java connectors by using the standard Identity Manager tracing debug page. The connector's log calls will write to the same trace file as all Identity Manager tracing.

You cannot manage logging for remote connectors. Instead, you must use the native Windows tools to configure logging for remote connectors locally on the machine where the remote connector host is running.

Because a connector-based resource looks like a typical resource to the rest of Identity Manager, you can use the JMX tools already present for resources and resource adapters (including Active Sync JMX) to monitor the use and performance of connector-based resources.

The connector framework API maintains the connection pool used by local Java connectors, and there is currently no visibility or management for that information. There is also no such tool provided by the connector API for remote connectors.