Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

ProcedureInstalling the Scripted Host Resource Adapter

  1. To add the Scripted Host resource to the Identity Manager resources list, you must add the following value in the Custom Resources section of the Configure Managed Resources page.

  2. Copy the appropriate JAR files to the WEB-INF/lib directory of your Identity Manager installation.

    Connection Manager  

    JAR Files  

    Host On Demand 

    The IBM Host Access Class Library (HACL) manages connections to the mainframe. The recommended JAR file containing HACL is habeans.jar. It is installed with the HOD Toolkit (or Host Access Toolkit) that comes with HOD. The supported versions of HACL are in HOD V7.0, V8.0, V9.0, and V10.

    However, if the toolkit installation is not available, the HOD installation contains the following JAR files that can be used in place of the habeans.jar:

    • habase.jar

    • hacp.jar

    • ha3270.jar

    • hassl.jar

    • hodbase.jar

      See for more information.

    Attachmate WRQ 

    The Attachmate 3270 Mainframe Adapter for Sun product contains the files needed to manage connections to the mainframe. 

    • RWebSDK.jar

    • wrqtls12.jar

    • profile.jaw

      Contact Sun Professional Services about getting this product.

  3. Add the following definitions to the file to define which service manages the terminal session:


    Value can be set as follows:

    • 1, which indicates IBM Host On-Demand (HOD)

      • 3, which indicates Attachmate WRQ

        If these properties are not explicitly set, then Identity Manager attempts to use WRQ first then HOD.

  4. When the Attachmate libraries are installed into a WebSphere or WebLogic application server, add the property com.wrq.profile.dir=LibraryDirectory to the WebSphere/AppServer/configuration/config.ini or file.

    This allows the Attachmate code to find the licensing file.

  5. The Scripted Host adapter requires customer-supplied Javascripts. These scripts must be compatible with Mozilla Rhino. Mozilla Rhino v1_5R2 ships with Identity Manager and is located at $WSHOME/WEB-INF/lib/javascript.jar.

    If you need improved Javascript error reporting capability, the latest version of Mozilla Rhino ( offers great improvement in the messages generated for syntax errors and other errors. The default javascript.jar can be replaced with a newer version from Mozilla.

  6. Restart your application server so that the modifications to the file can take effect.

  7. See Chapter 53, Mainframe Connectivity for information about configuring SSL connections to the resource.