Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

ProcedureHow the SAP Adapter Performs the rename Operation

  1. Get the user information for the existing user.

  2. Save the ALIAS attribute, if one exists.

  3. Create the new user.

  4. Set the Activity Groups on the new user.

  5. Set the Profiles on the new user.

  6. Get the old user’s Personalization Data.

  7. Set the new user’s Personalization Data.

  8. Delete the old user.

  9. Set the Alias on the new user if one was set on the old user.

    If an error occurs during steps 1-3, the operation fails immediately. If an error occurs during steps 4-7, the new user is deleted and the whole operation fails. (If the new user cannot be deleted, a warning is placed into the WavesetResult). If an error occurs during steps 8-9, a warning is added to the WavesetResult, but the operation succeeds.

    The Rename operation requires that a new password be set on the new user. This is most easily accomplished by customizing the Rename User Task to invoke the Change User Password Task.