Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

ProcedureRegistering the RFC Server Module as an RFC Destination

  1. In the SAP application, go to transaction SM59.

  2. Expand the TCP/IP connections directory.

  3. Click Create (F8).

  4. In the RFC destination field, enter the name of the RFC destination system. (IDMRFC).

  5. Set the connection type to T (Start an external program through TCP/IP).

  6. Enter a description for the new RFC destination, and then click Save.

  7. Click the Registration Server Program radio button in the Activation Type pane.

  8. Set the Program ID in the Start on Application Server pane. You should use the same value as the RFC destination (IDMRFC), and then click Enter.

  9. If the SAP system is a Unicode system, the port must be configured for Unicode. Click the Special Options tab (MDMP & Unicode tab on some systems), and look for the Character Width In Target System section. There is a setting for unicode and non-unicode.

  10. Using the buttons at the top - Test Connection and Unicode Test - test the connection to the Identity Manager resource. You must have the adapter started for the test to pass.