Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Adapter Details

Use this adapter to support user accounts for logging into MySQL. If you have a custom table, see Chapter 10, Database Table for information about using the Resource Adapter Wizard to create a custom MySQL table resource.

Resource Configuration Notes


Identity Manager Installation Notes

The MySQL resource adapter is a custom adapter. You must perform the following steps to complete the installation process:

ProcedureInstalling the MySQL Resource Adapter

  1. To add this resource to the Identity Manager resources list, you must add the following value in the Custom Resources section of the Configure Managed Resources page.

  2. Go to and take the link to the latest generally available version of the Connector/J JDBC driver.

  3. Unzip the downloaded file.

  4. Copy the mysqlconnector-java-Version-bin.jar file to the InstallDir\idm\WEB-INF\lib directory.

Usage Notes

Identity Manager creates a new user based on the account properties of the user specified in the User Model resource parameter. You must specify a valid value to create users.

The MySQL resource adapter can update MySQL user passwords only.

Security Notes

This section provides information about supported connections and privilege requirements.

Supported Connections

Identity Manager uses JDBC over SSL to communicate with MySQL.

Required Administrative Privileges

You must be the MySQL root user or have GRANT privilege to create a user. Deleting a user requires the REVOKE privilege.

Provisioning Notes

The following table summarizes the provisioning capabilities of this adapter.



Enable/disable account 


Rename account 


Pass-through authentication 


Before/after actions 


Data loading methods 

  • Import from resource

  • Reconciliation

Account Attributes


Resource Object Management


Identity Template


Sample Forms



Use the Identity Manager debug pages to set trace options on the following class: