Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

ProcedureGenerating a PKCS #12 File: General Steps

  1. Create a new HODServerKeyDb.kdb file using the IBM Certificate Management tool. As part of that file, create a new self-signed certificate as the default private certificate.

    If you get a message that is similar to “error adding key to the certificate database” when you are creating the HODServerKeyDb.kdb file, one or more of the Trusted CA certificates may be expired. Check the IBM website to obtain up-to-date certificates.

  2. Export that private certificate as Base64 ASCII into a cert.arm file.

  3. Create a new PKCS #12 file named CustomizedCAs.p12 with the IBM Certificate Management tool by adding the exported certificate from the cert.arm file to the Signer Certificates. Use hod as the password for this file.