Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

ProcedureConnecting RACF Adapters to Telnet/TN3270 Servers

  1. Obtain the Telnet/TN3270 server’s certificate in the PKCS #12 file format. Use hod as the password for this file. Consult your server’s documentation on how to export the server’s certificate. The procedure Generating a PKCS #12 File provides some general guidelines.

  2. Create a CustomizedCAs.class file from the PKCS #12 file. If you are using a recent version of HOD, use the following command to do this.

    ..\hod_jre\jre\bin\java -cp ../lib/;
    ../lib/ CustomizedCAs.p12 
    hod CustomizedCAs.class
  3. Place the CustomizedCAs.class file somewhere in the Identity Manager server’s classpath, such as $WSHOME/WEB-INF/classes.

  4. If a resource attribute named Session Properties does not already exist for the resource, then use the [Please define the IDMIDE text entity] or debug pages to add the attribute to the resource object. Add the following definition in the <ResourceAttributes> section:

    <ResourceAttribute name=’Session Properties’ 
         displayName=’Session Properties’ description=’Session Properties’ multi=’true’>
  5. Go to the Resource Parameters page for the resource and add values to the Session Properties resource attribute: