Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Usage Notes

This section lists dependencies and limitations related to using the Access Manager resource adapter.

If you want to use the Identity Manager single sign-on or pass-through authentication features with this resource, you must use Access Manager as the Identity Manager proxy server. For more information on proxy servers, see Identity Manager Deployment Guide.

Creating GSO Credentials

To configure GSO Web Resource or GSO Resource Group credentials from the Identity Manager Create User page, perform the following steps:

ProcedureConfiguring GSO Web Resource or GSO Resource Group Credentials

  1. Select Add GSO Web Credentials or GSO Resource Group Credentials.

  2. Select a target from the appropriate GSO credential drop-down menu.

  3. Enter a resource user ID and password in the text fields.

  4. You may edit the resource credential user ID and/or password by editing the appropriate field. For security reasons, the credential password is never retrieved.

Deleting GSO Credentials

To delete a credential, select it from the table and then click the corresponding Remove button.