Oracle Waveset 8.1.1 System Administrator's Guide

Accessing the Debug Pages

Note –

You must have the Debug, Security Administrator, or Waveset Administrator capabilities to access and execute operations from the Waveset Debug pages. Administrators and Configurator are assigned this capability by default.

If you do not have the Debug capability, an error message results.

ProcedureTo Access the Waveset Debug Pages

  1. Open a browser and log in to the Administrator interface.

  2. Type the following URL:

    http:// host:port /idm/debug


    • host is the application server on which you are running Waveset.

    • port is the number of the TCP port on which the server is listening.

  3. When the System Settings page displays, type the .jsp file name for the debug page you want to open.

    For example:

    http:// host:port /idm/debug/pageName.jsp

    Note –

    Some debugging utilities are not linked from the System Settings page, but you can use them to enhance your ability to gather data for product performance and usability. For a complete list of debug pages, open a command window and list the contents of the idm/debug directory.