Oracle Waveset 8.1.1 System Administrator's Guide

Tracing Forms

You can enable tracing to troubleshoot edited forms and to check for expression statement errors within your form fields.

Use either of the following methods to enable tracing:

Waveset reports any problems with form expression syntax to standard output.

Note –

The form.trace key is disabled by default because it produces trace information for every field on every page, including the Accounts List page, which affects system performance. Consider using a more targeted form and field tracing method.

When you are finished troubleshooting your forms, remember to disable tracing by changing the form.trace key value back to false.

Global XPRESS tracing might also be helpful while you are developing and updating forms and form processes. Although Global XPRESS tracing produces a large amount of output that affects system performance, this tracing method shows XPRESS output and might expose where problems are happening in your form.

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