Oracle Waveset 8.1.1 System Administrator's Guide

Troubleshooting the Gateway

When troubleshooting the Oracle Waveset Gateway, it is often useful to run the Gateway from the command line. Using command line options allows you to input a wider range of start-up options, which includes starting the Gateway as a normal application instead of a service and running the Gateway on a different port.

Note –

You must kill the Waveset Gateway as a service before running it from the command line. For example, type

gateway.exe -k

The following table describes the Gateway command line arguments.




Install this program as an NT service, with specified startup 


Remove this program from the Service Manager 


Start the service 


Kill the service 


Set start-up for an existing service 


Debug, and run as a regular application 


Specify a TCP/IP port number (Default is 9278) 


Specify the path to the trace file 


Specify the level of tracing (Default is 0, no information) 


Specify the maximum trace file size in kilobytes 


Display the version 

Usage: gateway -i n -r -s -k -t n -d -p n -f name -l n -m n -v.

Note –

You can also use the Waveset Gateway Debug page (debug/Gateway.jsp ) to troubleshoot the Gateway. See How to Configure Gateway Tracing for more information.