Oracle Waveset 8.1.1 System Administrator's Guide

Viewing JMX Data

Because JMX is a Java standard, there are multiple consoles you can use to interact with MBeans. The Java 1.5 JDK provides the JConsole utility, which is a graphical MBean console that is well suited for displaying Waveset MBean data. JConsole can show the current static value of MBean attributes and it can chart individual (numeric) attributes over time. JConsole charts MBean attributes by periodically polling the MBean for its current value and displaying the attributes as a line chart.

Using JConsole Locally

Using JConsole to view a local server is as simple as starting JConsole and selecting the application server process from a list. When JConsole displays the new connection dialog, it scans the local host for any Java processes that offer an MBean server. Local JConsole connections connect to a local process. These connections are only possible when JConsole is running on the same host as the application server. If your application server does not show up in JConsole's local process list, you probably have not enabled JMX (see Enabling JMX).

Using JConsole Remotely

Assuming you started the JVM with the settings that allow remote MBean access, you can access a remote server's MBean by starting JConsole and connecting to a remote process. The exact Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) used to connect to the remote server depends on how you enabled remote JMX access. The URI is typically one of the following:

Again, refer to your application server documentation for more information about how to remotely connect to the MBean server. If you have problems connecting JConsole to the application server, check the following URL for more information:

Note –

You can view the structure (but not the data) of the Waveset-provided MBean by going to the following debug page (http://host:port/Oracle Waveset/debug) and clicking the Show MBean button.

For more information on JMX, visit this website: