Oracle Waveset 8.1.1 Resources Reference

Resource Configuration Notes

If SecurID is installed on Windows, the adapter will interface with the apidemon that is shipped with the installed version of RSA ACE/Server. Copy the apidemon from the ACE/Server installation directory (by default, c:\ace\utils\toolkit\apidemon.exe) to c:\winnt\system32 or c:\windows\system32 Note that the RSA ACE 6.1 apidemon.exe is in the ACEInstallDir\prog directory.

The UNIX adapter uses the RSA ACE/Server Administration Toolkit TCL API. This API must be located in the ACEInstallDir/utils/tcl/bin directory. The value of ACEInstallDir is specified as a resource parameter. The toolkit must be configured as described in the Customizing Your RSA ACE/Server Administration publication provided by RSA.

In addition, ensure that the following conditions are true so that you can manage RSA Users and other ACE database objects through Waveset: