Oracle Waveset 8.1.1 Deployment Guide

Registering Scheduler Startup (for Clustered Environments)

The scheduler.hosts attribute registers startup behavior for the scheduler for each Waveset application instance.

The value of scheduler.hosts is a map that contains an entry for each host that you want to control. The key is the hostname for the Waveset application instance.

Note –

To see the hostname value, go to the debug/GetStatus.jsp page in your Waveset installation.

The following values are valid:

The default value is used if no value or an invalid value is specified.

Note –

The task.scheduler.enabled and task.scheduler.suspended properties in the file override the value set in the System Configuration object.

Following is an example of the scheduler attribute from Configuration:System Configuration:

<Attribute name=’scheduler’>
      <Attribute name=’hosts’>
            <MapEntry key=’goliad’ value=’enabled’/>
            <MapEntry key=’sanjacinto’ value=’manual’/>
            <MapEntry key=’washington’ value=’disabled’/>