Oracle Waveset 8.1.1 Deployment Guide

Types Attribute

Role type attributes are configured in the types section of the Role Configuration object. For each type of role in the list, for example business or IT roles, you must specify the following attributes:

displayName Attribute

Specifies the type’s display name whose value is a message catalog key.

authType Attribute

Specifies the authorization type associated with the role type. An authorization type enables fine-grain authorization for who is allowed to view and manage this role type. If you have not yet defined an authType, add one to the AuthorizationTypes configuration object. You must reference that authType within an AdminGroup (capability) as a type within a Permission that grants access to roles of this authType.

Note –

All roles have an authorization type. If you load a role without an authorization type, the authorization type defaults to ITRole.

workItemTypes Attribute

The type of work items that can be created for role assignment approval and role change approval. If you have not yet defined the specified workItem types, add them to the WorkItemTypes configuration object.

features Attribute

The features attribute includes the following features: