Oracle Waveset 8.1.1 Deployment Guide

ProcedureTo Create a User-Defined Message Catalog

  1. If you are overriding default message catalog entries, locate the appropriate error message keys in the file. These keys must be specified in the customized message catalog.

    If you are creating new messages, confirm that the keys do not appear in the file

  2. Create an XML file or block with the following structure:

    <?xml version=’1.0’ encoding=’UTF-8’?>
    <!DOCTYPE Configuration PUBLIC ’waveset.dtd’ ’waveset.dtd’>
    <Configuration name=’CatalogName’>
        <CustomCatalog id=’CatalogName’ enabled=’true’>
          <MessageSet language=’en’ country=’US’>
            <Msg id=’KeyName’>MessageText</Msg>
            <Msg id=’KeyName’>MessageText</Msg>


    CatalogName is the name of the message catalog. This value will also be used to define the catalog in the System Configuration object.

    KeyName is the message key name.

    MessageText is a string that will be displayed on the graphical user interface. This text can contain HTML tags and variables.

    If you are supporting a locale other than en_US, change the language and country attributes. If you are supporting multiple locales, create a separate MessageSet element for each locale.

    See the Example section for a working sample.

  3. Import the file or block into Waveset.

  4. Load the System Configuration object and add the following line within the <Configuration><Extension><Object> element:

    <Attribute name=’customMessageCatalog’ value=’CatalogName’/>

  5. Save the changes to the System Configuration object.

  6. Restart the application server. The new message catalog entries are now available to the system.