Oracle Waveset 8.1.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Delete, Unassign, or Unlink Accounts

ProcedureTo Delete, Unassign, or Unlink User Accounts

  1. Click Accounts from the menu bar.

  2. Click Manage Service Provider Users.

  3. Perform a basic or advance search.

  4. Select the desired user or users.

  5. Click the Delete button.

  6. Select one of the optional global options.

    These options include:

    • Delete All resource accounts

      Note –

      Deleting a resource deletes the account, but the resource assignment still exists. A subsequent update of the user recreates the account. Delete always implies an unlink of the resource account.

    • Unassign All resource accounts

      Note –

      Unassigning a resource removes that resource assignment. Unassign implies an unlink of the resource account. The resource account is not deleted when the resource is unassigned.

    • Unlink All resource accounts

      Note –

      Unlinking removes the link between a user and the resource account, but this does not delete the account. The resource assignment is not removed either, so a subsequent update to the user re-links the account or creates a new account on the resource.

  7. Alternatively, select an action for one or more resource accounts in the Delete, Unassign, or Unlink columns.

  8. After selecting the desired user accounts, click OK.

    Figure 17–12 Delete, Unassign, or Unlink Accounts

    Figure showing the options used for deleting, unassigning,
and unlinking all resource accounts