Oracle Waveset Service Provider 8.1.1 Deployment

IDMXUser View

The IDMXUser view is similar to the Waveset User View. Both views allow the caller to create or check out a view, make changes to the view, and check in the results. However, the attributes within the two views differ greatly.

The IDMXUser view is much narrower in scope than the Waveset User view. For example, the IDMXUser view does not contain the global or password top-level attributes. The waveset attribute is not supported in IDMXUser, but some of its sub-attributes are supported through other attributes in IDMXUser. The IDMXUser view does not return resource-specific attributes unless specifically requested.

For a full description of the IDMXUser view and a comparison between the IDMXUser view and the Waveset User view, see Chapter 4, IDMXUser View.