Oracle Waveset Service Provider 8.1.1 Deployment

OperationResult Relay Definition

When a user resets a password or changes the user ID in Service Provider, the results of the operation are displayed to the user. Instead of creating a separate JSP for each successful operation, it is desirable to have a generic OperationResult page that contains the following:

The title and subtitle strings are inserted into the page $WSHOME/spe/user/OperationResult.jsp . We would also like to be able to pass a key from the tile definition to look up the appropriate action forward for the user’s final destination.

<put name="forward_id" value="ResetPasswordSuccess" />

When the .page.ResetPasswordSuccess tile is rendered, the forward_id parameter is added to the form as a hidden field with name dispatch.

When the user acknowledges the result by clicking the OK button, the following action is executed:

<!-- Set action forward mapping to final destination forward -->
<action path="/spe/user/OperationResult" name="resultForm"
      type="com.sun.idm.idmx.web.RelayAction" scope="request"
   <forward name="ForgotUsernameSuccess" path="/spe/user/" 
   <forward name="PasswordEmailed" path="/spe/user/" 
   <forward name="ResetPasswordSuccess" path="/spe/user/" 
   <forward name="ProfileLocked" path="/spe/user/" 
   <forward name="ProfileHasBeenLocked" path="/spe/user/" 
   <forward name="EnrollSuccess" path="/spe/user/" 

The com.sun.idm.idmx.web.RelayAction class looks up the dispatch request parameter value in the above definition and forwards to the associated URI. In our case, ResetPasswordSuccess maps to the URI ”/.m”/spe/user/”.