Oracle Waveset Service Provider 8.1.1 Deployment

Secure Connections

The secure parameter forces the server to use HTTPS regardless of the last action's response. Add this parameter as the fourth parameter to force the action to use HTTPS:

<action path="/spe/user/Login" type="com.sun.idm.idmx.web.ProcessFormAction"
        <forward name="success" path=".page.Login"/>
        <forward name="post" path="/spe/user/" />
        <forward name="next" path="/spe/user/protected/" />
        <forward name="cancel" path="/spe/user/" />

If your servers do not use port 80 for HTTP or port 443 for HTTPS, modify WEB-INF/web.xml to include the following context parameters:



The above code sample tells Struts to use port 7001 for HTTP and port 7002 for HTTPS.