Oracle Waveset 8.1.1 Deployment Reference


The value of this attribute is an object whose attribute names correspond to the properties defined by the user. User properties allow arbitrary custom data to be stored with the user in the Waveset repository. You can then use properties in forms and workflows. A property is similar in some ways to an Extended User Attribute, but are not limited to primitive data types such as strings or integers.

Waveset defines the tasks system property, which is used by the Deferred Task Scanner to cause workflow tasks to be run at some date in the future. The value of the tasks property is a list of objects. The following table defines the attributes that belong to objects in the list.

Table 3–8 Attributes of accounts[Lighthouse].properties




Identifies the name of the TaskDefinition object to run. 


Specifies the date on which to run the task. 


Identifies the TaskInstance that is created. If none is specified, Waveset generates a random name. 


Identifies the name of an Waveset administrator that is considered to be the owner of the task. If none is specified, the default owner is Configurator. 


Identifies the Waveset organization that the TaskInstance will be placed in. If none is specified, an organization controlled by the task owner is selected at random. 


Descriptive text that will be stored in the TaskInstance when it is created. This text is displayed in the task status page of the Waveset Administrator Interface. 


Lists the resources on which to perform an external policy check.