Oracle Waveset Installation

Point the Waveset Repository to the Data Source

ProcedureTo Point the Waveset Repository to the Data Source

  1. Set the WSHOME environment variable to point to your Waveset installation; for example:

    set WSHOME=C:\bea\user_projects\domains\mydomain\applications\idm
  2. Make sure that the JAVA_HOME environment variable is set correctly; for example:

    set JAVA_HOME=C:\j2sdk1.5
  3. Make sure that your chosen database drivers are installed for you Weblogic Server. See the WebLogic documentation for further information. In this example, the Oracle drivers and classes12.jar are installed in following directory:

    1. On Windows, set the class path to include these files:

      set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;WeblogicHome\server\lib<MyDBLibrary>

      For Oracle, set the class path to include these files:

      set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;c:\bea\weblogic81\server\lib\

  4. Include weblogic.jar in your CLASSPATH. On Windows, enter:

    set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;WeblogicHome\server\lib\weblogic.jar

    For example:

    set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;c:\bea\weblogic81\server\lib\weblogic.jar
  5. Change to the %WSHOME% directory (Windows), or $WSHOME (UNIX).

  6. Remove the j2ee.jar file from WEB-INF\lib\ after making a backup.

  7. Change directory to the %WSHOME%\bin directory (Windows), or $WSHOME/bin directory (UNIX).

  8. Point the repository to the new location. For example:

    lh setRepo -v -tOracle -iweblogic.jndi.WLInitialContextFactory -fDatasourceName 
    "-ut3:Server:Port" -U"Username" -P"Password"

    For example:

    lh setRepo -v -tOracle -iweblogic.jndi.WLInitialContextFactory -fMyOraDataSource 
    "-ut3://localhost:7001/" -Uweblogic -Pweblogic

    Note –

    Change the -f location flag to match the value you selected for the JNDI Name field.

  9. If there are no reported errors, restart WebLogic to pick up the changes. (This also restarts the Waveset system.)