The Java EE 6 Tutorial, Volume I

Using The SelectItem and SelectItems Components

The f:selectItem and f:selectItems tags represent components that can be nested inside a SelectOne or a SelectMany component. A f:selectItem tag is associated with a SelectItem instance, which contains the value, label, and description of a single item in a SelectOne or SelectMany component. The SelectItems instance represents a set of SelectItem instances, containing the values, labels, and descriptions of the entire list of items

You can use either a set of f:selectItem tags or a single f:selectItems tag within your SelectOne or SelectMany component tag.

The advantages of using the f:selectItems tag are as follows:

The advantages of using f:selectItem are as follows:

For more information on writing component properties for the SelectItems components, see Writing Bean Properties. The rest of this section shows you how to use the f:selectItems and f:selectItem tags.

Using the f:selectItems Tag

The following example from Rendering Components for Selecting Multiple Values shows how to use the h:selectManyCheckbox tag:


The value attribute of the f:selectItems tag is bound to the backing bean newsletters , which is configured in the application configuration resource file.

You can also create the list corresponding to a SelectMany or SelectOne component programmatically in the backing bean. See Writing Bean Properties for information on how to write a backing bean property corresponding to a SelectMany or SelectOne component.

The arguments to the SelectItem constructor are as follows:

SelectItems Properties describes in more detail how to write a backing bean property for a SelectItems component.

Using the f:selectItem Tag

The f:selectItem tag represents a single item in a list of items. Here is the example from Displaying a Menu Using the h:selectOneMenu Tag once again:

       id="shippingOption" required="true"

The itemValue attribute represents the default value of the SelectItem instance. The itemLabel attribute represents the String that appears in the drop-down menu component on the page.

The itemValue and itemLabel attributes are value-binding-enabled, meaning that they can use value-binding expressions to refer to values in external objects. They can also define literal values, as shown in the example h:selectOneMenu tag.