The Java EE 6 Tutorial, Volume I

The Business Interface

The Cart business interface is a plain Java interface that defines all the business methods implemented in the bean class. If the bean class implements a single interface, that interface is assumed to the business interface. The business interface is a local interface unless it is annotated with the javax.ejb.Remote annotation; the javax.ejb.Local annotation is optional in this case.

The bean class may implement more than one interface. If the bean class implements more than one interface, either the business interfaces must be explicitly annotated either @Local or @Remote, or the business interfaces must be specified by decorating the bean class with @Local or @Remote. However, the following interfaces are excluded when determining if the bean class implements more than one interface:

The source code for the Cart business interface follows:

package com.sun.tutorial.javaee.ejb;

import java.util.List;
import javax.ejb.Remote;

public interface Cart {
    public void initialize(String person) throws BookException;
    public void initialize(String person, String id)
         throws BookException;
    public void addBook(String title);
    public void removeBook(String title) throws BookException;
    public List<String> getContents();
    public void remove();