Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Installation Guide

ProcedureTo Edit the Answer File

Some values in the answer file can be changed if desired. Such editing is strictly optional.

Before You Begin

Create the answer file as described in To Create the Installation Answer File.

  1. Review the answer file.

    Review the values that will be used for silent installation.

  2. Edit the answer file.

    Only the following default values can be changed:

    Provide another directory name for Enterprise Server v3 installation files.


    Provide a password for access to the Administration Console. This password is case sensitive.


    Assign another port number to the Administration Console.


    Provide another user name for the administrator. This name is case sensitive.


    Assign another port number to HTTP connections.


    Can be set to a location that contains a required JDK 6 installation.


    Can be set to true or false. Always set this value to true if you are using the answer file for silent installation.


    Not to be used for this release. Ignore this variable.


    Change value to false if you do not want Update Tool notifications.


    Change value to false if you do not want to install the standalone Update Tool.


    Assign a name to the proxy host.


    Assign a port number to the proxy host.

    Note –

    Parameters not listed are system specific. Do not change system-specific parameters. Doing so will cause problems with the installation program.