Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Administration Guide

asadmin Utility Syntax

The syntax for running the asadmin utility is as follows:

asadmin [asadmin-util-options] [subcommand [subcommand-options] [operands]]

The replaceable items in this syntax are described in the subsections that follow. For full details of this syntax, see the asadmin(1M) help page.

Subcommands of the asadmin Utility

The subcommand identifies the operation or task that you are performing. Subcommands are case-sensitive. Each subcommand is either a local subcommand or a remote subcommand.

For a list of the subcommands for this release of Enterprise Server, see Section 1 of Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Reference Manual.

asadmin Utility Options and Subcommand Options

Options control the behavior of the asadmin utility and its subcommands. Options are case-sensitive.

The asadmin utility has the following types of options:

A subcommand option may have the same name as an asadmin utility option, but the effects of the two options are different.

Options have a long form and a short form.

For example, the short form and the long form of the option for specifying terse output are as follows:

Most options require argument values, except Boolean options, which toggle to enable or disable a feature.

Operands of asadmin Utility Subcommands

Operands specify the items on which the subcommand is to act. Operands must follow the argument values of subcommand options, and are set off by a space, a tab, or double dashes (--). The asadmin utility treats anything that follows the subcommand options and their values as an operand.