Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Generate a JVM Report

Use the generate-jvm-report subcommand in remote mode to generate a JVM report showing the threads (dump of a stack trace), classes, memory, and loggers for a specified domain administration server (DAS). You can generate the following types of reports: summary (default), class, thread, log.

  1. Ensure that the server is running.

    Remote subcommands require a running server.

  2. Generate the report by using the generate-jvm-report(1) subcommand.

Example 4–5 Generating a JVM Report

This example displays summary information about the threads, classes, and memory.

asadmin> generate-jvm-report --type summary 
Operating System Information:
Name of the Operating System: Windows XP
Binary Architecture name of the Operating System: x86, Version: 5.1
Number of processors available on the Operating System: 2
System load on the available processors for the last minute: NOT_AVAILABLE. 
(Sum of running and queued runnable entities per minute).
user.home = C:\Documents and Settings\Jennifer
user.language = en = Jennifer
user.timezone = America/New_York
user.variant =
variable = \$HOME
web.home = C:\Preview\v3_Preview_release\distributions\web\target\
Command generate-jvm-report executed successfully.

See Also

You can also view the full syntax and options of the subcommand by typing asadmin help generate-jvm-report at the command line.