Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Administration Guide

Sample Application for Web Services

Enterprise Server includes a sample application named xms. The xms application features a simple web service that is implemented by both a Java EE EJB endpoint and a Java servlet endpoint. Both endpoints share the same service endpoint interface. The service endpoint interface defines a single operation, sayHello, which takes a string argument, and returns a String composed by pre-pending Hello to the invocation argument.

The xms sample application is provided to demonstrate the use of Enterprise Server WS-Security functionality to secure an existing web services application. The instructions which accompany the sample describe how to enable the WS-Security functionality of Enterprise Server such that it is used to secure the xms application. The sample also demonstrates the binding of WS-Security functionality directly to the application as described in Application-Specific Web Services Security application.

For information about compiling, packaging, and running the xms sample application, Chapter 5, Securing Applications, in Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Application Development Guide.

The xms sample application is installed in the following directory: as-install/samples/webservices/security/ejb/apps/xms/