Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Update a JDBC Connection Pool

You can change all of the settings for an existing pool except its name. Use the get and set subcommands to view and change the values of the JDBC connection pool properties.

  1. List the JDBC connection pools by using the list-jdbc-connection-pools(1) subcommand.

  2. View the attributes of the JDBC connection pool by using the get subcommand.

    For example:

    asadmin get
  3. Set the attribute of the JDBC connection pool by using the set subcommand.

    For example:

    asadmin set resources.jdbc-connection-pool.DerbyPool.steady-pool-size=9
  4. (Optional) If needed, restart the server.

    Some parameters require server restart. See Configuration Changes That Require Server Restart.