Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Update a Connector Resource

Use the get and set subcommands to view and change the values of the connector resource properties.

  1. List the connector connection pools by using the list-connector-resources(1) subcommand.

  2. View the properties of the connector resource by using the get(1) subcommand.

    For example

    asadmin> get domain.resources.connector-resource.jms/qConnFactory
  3. Set the property of the connector resource by using the set(1) subcommand.

    For example:

    asadmin> set domain.resources.connector-resource.jms/qConnFactory.enabled=true
  4. (Optional) If needed, restart the server.

    Some properties require server restart. See Configuration Changes That Require Server Restart. If your server needs to be restarted, see To Restart a Domain.