Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Stop the Transaction Service

Use the freeze-transaction-service subcommand in remote mode to stop the transaction service. When the transaction service is stopped, all in-flight transactions are immediately suspended. You must stop the transaction service before rolling back any in-flight transactions.

Running this subcommand on a stopped transaction subsystem has no effect. The transaction service remains suspended until you restart it by using the unfreeze-transaction-service subcommand.

  1. Ensure that the server is running.

    Remote subcommands require a running server.

  2. Stop the transaction service by using the freeze-transaction-service(1) subcommand.

Example 21–1 Stopping the Transaction Service

This example stops the transaction service.

asadmin> freeze-transaction-service
Command freeze-transaction-service executed successfully

See Also

You can also view the full syntax and options of the subcommand by typing asadmin help freeze-transaction-service at the command line.