Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Application Deployment Guide


You can set properties for the mail-resource element and then get these properties in a JavaMail Session object later. Every property name must start with a mail- prefix. The Enterprise Server changes the dash (-) character to a period (.) in the name of the property, then saves the property to the MailConfiguration and JavaMail Session objects. If the name of the property doesn’t start with mail-, the property is ignored.

For example, to define the property mail.password in a JavaMail Session object, first edit sun-resources.xml as follows:

 <mail-resource jndi-name="mail/Session" ...>
     <property name="mail-password" value="adminadmin"/>

After getting the JavaMail Session object, get the mail.password property to retrieve the value adminadmin, as follows:

String password = session.getProperty("mail.password");

For more information about JavaMail properties, see JavaMail API Documentation.