Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Application Deployment Guide

Deploying and Configuring an Embedded Resource Adapter

A connector module can be deployed as a Java EE component in a Java EE application. Such connectors are only visible to components residing in the same Java EE application. Deploy this application as you would any other Java EE application.

You can create new connector connection pools and connector resources for a connector module embedded within a Java EE application by prefixing the connector name with app-name#. For example, if an application appX.ear has jdbcra.rar embedded within it, the connector connection pools and connector resources refer to the connector module as appX#jdbcra.

An embedded connector module cannot be undeployed using the name app-name#connector-name. To undeploy the connector module, you must undeploy the application in which it is embedded.

The association between the physical JNDI name for the connector module in Enterprise Server and the logical JNDI name used in the application component is specified in the Enterprise Server–specific XML descriptor sun-ejb-jar.xml.