Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Application Deployment Guide


Specifies the relative path combined with the web server root to form the fully qualified endpoint address for a web service endpoint. This is a required element for EJB endpoints and an optional element for servlet endpoints.

For servlet endpoints, this value is relative to the web application context root. For EJB endpoints, the URI is relative to root of the web server (the first portion of the URI is a context root). The context root portion must not conflict with the context root of any web application deployed to the same web server.

In all cases, this value must be a fixed pattern (no ”*’ allowed).

If the web service endpoint is a servlet that implements only a single endpoint and has only one url-pattern, it is not necessary to set this value, because the web container derives it from the web.xml file.


webservice-endpoint (sun-web.xml, sun-ejb-jar.xml)


none - contains data


If the web server is listening at http://localhost:8080, the following endpoint-address-uri:


results in the following target endpoint address: