Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Application Deployment Guide


The following table describes subelements for the client-container element.

Table C–25 client-container Subelements





only one (developer profile) 

one or more (cluster and enterprise profiles) 

Specifies the IIOP listener for the target server. Also specifies IIOP endpoints used for load balancing. If the Enterprise Server instance on which the application client is deployed participates in a cluster, Enterprise Server finds all currently active IIOP endpoints in the cluster automatically. However, a client should have at least two endpoints specified for bootstrapping purposes, in case one of the endpoints has failed. 

A listener or endpoint is in the form host:port, where the host is an IP address or host name, and the port specifies the port number.


zero or one 

Specifies the optional configuration for JAAS authentication realm. 


zero or one 

Specifies the default client credential that is sent to the server. 


zero or one 

Specifies the default log file and the severity level of the message. 


zero or more 

Specifies configurations for message security providers. 

property (with attributes)

zero or more 

Specifies a property, which has a name and a value.