Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Application Deployment Guide

ProcedureTo Prepare Another Machine for Running an Application Client

If Java Web Start is enabled, the default URL format for an application is http://host:port/context-root. For example:


The default URL format for a standalone application client module is http://host:port/module-id. For example:


To set a different URL for an application client, set the context-root subelement of the java-web-start-access element in the sun-application-client.xml file.

If the context-root or module-id is not specified during deployment, the name of the EAR or JAR file without the .ear or .jar extension is used. For an application, the relative path to the application client JAR file is also included. If the application or module is not in EAR or JAR file format, a context-root or module-id is generated. Regardless of how the context-root or module-id is determined, it is written to the server log. For details about naming, see Naming Standards.

Before You Begin

This task applies if you want to run the application client on a system other than where the server runs.

  1. Create the application client package JAR file.

    Use the package-appclient script in the as-install/bin directory. This JAR file is created in the as-install/lib/appclient directory.

  2. Copy the application client package JAR file to the client machine.

  3. Extract the contents of the JAR file.

    For example, in UNIX: jar xf filename.jar

  4. Configure the sun-acc.xml file.

    If you used the package-appclient script, this file is located in the appclient/appserv/lib/appclient directory by default.

  5. Copy the client JAR file to the client machine.

    You are now ready to run the client.

See Also

For more detailed information about Java Web Start and the package-appclient script, see appclient(1M).